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The Eves of New Years
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in The Eves of New Years' LiveJournal:

Friday, December 31st, 2004
11:48 pm
Given the dreary and tired tones, and the much delayed invites for commentators... let's open this year for after-the-fact notes. Stories of the eve are welcomed throughout this next week. et cetera and so on.
11:39 pm
I think, actually, that I am going to read. I'm a quarter of the way through Atlas Shrugged, which I have intended to read for years and am just now getting around to doing. 1080 pages of teenytiny print. Rand is wordy. Reading this thing is adding to my emotional state - the philosophies argued against in Atlas Shrugged are exactly those that I have the strongest problems with in modern life. The specific question of carrying ones burden in society is of specific note given the current issue of U.S. aid re: the tsunami. and this is a rather boring note compared to my typical new year's nothings, but whatever. The book is overwhelming and nothing like what I expected. Knowing that I am a libertarian, and knowing that most libertarians swoon over Rand, and knowing that I only partially agree with Rand's objectivism philosophy... I expected to be underwhelmed and disappointed with the book. I'm still waiting for the final judgment, but it's angsty enough thus far.
11:36 pm
chandra and I are cheating by emailing privately. So much for 04/05 eve blogging. ;)

meanwhile, and excerpt from my email to her:
"next year we must arrange, somehow, to make the holiday much much better.

no matter what I do, who I'm with or where I go, I always end up mellow. how obnoxious. no wonder this is the holiday with the weird theme song."

I usually only have small bouts of mellowness, after all of the festivities are over. This is just a funky sort of new year in which the whole day is all wonky and backwards.
11:13 pm
It's already 2005 in lots of places. Here, we are about to begin a Ghost Recon 2 marathon. No alcohol required. Pizza being delivered.

I'm old.
10:21 pm
The morning of my eve was spent on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, watching the graduation of Jess from basic military training. 'twas thrilling to see her enter a new phase on Today, and wonderful to see her in general. The afternoon was spent napping in the van as my family visited with other family, and then driving back into Houston where I shall remain until my return to Kansas City on Thursday.

This is an extremely odd eve: no specific activities planned, no countdown shows being watched, and I'm sleepy and lacking in general wit. I suspect an extremely odd year is on its way.
10:20 pm
10:19 pm
New! Spot!
Since 1997 I've been listing/blogging the turn of the New Year. This began with a text log that I sent to my site's discussion list until I switched it to my normal website. Later, I switched over to Blogger. This year I am away from home, and Blogger and my webserver are not being friendly. Therefore! To LiveJournal it has arrived. Last year marked the first addition of outside people. This year I am in another city and have been traveling Texas... I just got back to a spot (Houston) with internet access and am just now inviting new people to contribute. Late, fine, whatever, but my plans are all mixed up so I'm here instead. so y'all can cope. or not post. or both. whichever.

Lists, wacky observations, general notes, et cetera. From my end, this will likely be a slow night of contribution.
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